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Your home is one such investment that you should never ignore its security. Without the adequate measures in place, burglars and criminals can gain access to your premises at any time and cause wanton damages besides taking away whatever they want. But we are currently giving you an opportunity to prevent all that before it happens by our reliable and efficient home security services.



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Round the clock protection

With our system, your home will be monitored at all times to protect your property as well as your loved ones against burglary, robbery or any other form of intrusion. We will provide you with 24/7 home security services to ensure that you home and property is safe at all times.

Features of our home security services

We are privileged to be offering elite services when it comes to home security measures. With our solutions, you get the peace of mind to be away from home knowing that you back are covered and you don’t run into risk of losing anything. The following are some of the features that make our services to be superior-:

1. Presence of a nationwide coverage with multiple monitoring centers well equipped with world class facilities and equipment. Whenever we receive an alarm, we will be able to notify the police, fire department or private security firms even when you are not at home.

2. We offer wireless home security options that you can easily control and manage from your cellular devices.

3. An advanced dual voice intercom system that gives you the ability to converse with us whenever an alarm goes off signifying any sort of emergency.

Why work with us

The safety and security of your home should never be a matter of debate. We have trained staff and world class equipment to make your home safe. In addition to this, our services are available at very affordable rates and you can always count on us to come to your rescue in times of emergency.

  • $34.95

    per month
  • Normal

  • Two-Way Voice Verification

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring

  • Medical Monitoring

  • Fire and Smoke Monitoring

  • Wireless Cellular Connection

  • $42.95

    per month
  • Advance

  • Remote Lighting Control

  • Email & Text Alert Notification

  • Severe Weather Alerts

  • Remote Lock Control

  • Remote Thermostat Control

  • $49.95

    per month
  • Premium Pro

  • Advance Home Automation

  • 100% Cellular

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring

  • Email & Text Alert Notification

  • Life Safety

  • $54.95

    per month
  • Premium Pro

  • Remote Appliance Control

  • Video

  • Image capture

  • Severe Weather Alerts

  • Fire & Smoke Monitoring

Your family’s security is not something you can take for granted. If you can, you should invest in a good security system to protect your home from burglars. Researchers have concluded that homes without a security system are up to 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by burglars compared to homes with a prominent security system.

If you have been thinking about getting a security system for your home, you should visit for the best systems. Here you will find a suitable security system that has the capacity to monitor your home round the clock. You should never allow criminals to get a chance to enter your home because apart from the loss of property, an intrusion can cause untold psychological harm to your entire family.


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